Backyard Thoreau


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Week 2

"The frontiers are not east or west, north or south, but wherever a man fronts a fact." - Henry D. Thoreau

October 6, 2000

Weather: 8C - Drizzle - Light Wind


Today is a bit drizzly and grey - it's beginning to feel more and more like autumn. The leaves on the trees are just beginning to change colour, but only a few have fallen. The gardens are still in bloom along Stream making it a very colourful walk.

At the lakeshore, I can hear ducks gathering, but they are on the other side of the point, so I don't see them. Soon they'll embark on their journey south. The bay is one of the major gathering points for ducks and every year we get several large groups of well into the hundreds.

On our side of the point are mostly seagulls. I guess the ducks don't like all the people who walk along the paths here. The seagulls don't mind them a bit, especially if there's a chance of food.

As I look out across the water, the drizzle begins again. A ship slowly makes it's way upstream towards the Great Lakes. It's pretty high in the water, so it probably isn't carrying much. Hopwfully it will be full when it returns to the Atlantic.

The drizzle becomes a light rain so I hurry towards the Community Centre and the shelter of the library. By the time I get there, the rain has returned to drizzle and I continue my walk. The leaves of the trees are all slick with rain making the little bits of colour brighter.

As I return home, I can smell the first woodfires of the season. There is something very pleasing about the smell of a woodfire on a rainy day.