Bank of Montreal Divisional Championships

Eastern Championships
When: December 2-6, 1999
Where: Laval, Quebec
Arenas: Colisee Laval, Laval-Ouest Arena

Regions: Central Ontario, Eastern Ontario, Quebec*
* Quebec also sends skaters to the Atlantic Championships.

Senior Results

Please note that all results shown here are UNOFFICIAL but are accurate to the best of my abilities.

Senior Ladies
SP - Short Program
FP - Free Program

1. Angela DerochieEO1.511
2. Tara FergusonCO3.022
3. Marie LaurierQC6.554
4. Jillian SheardCO7.083
5. Melanie LeblancNB9.066
6. Cynthia LemaireQC10.577
7. Annie BazinetQC10.539
8. Valerie MarcouxQC11.5135
9. Nathalie CousineauQC15.5158
10.Samantha ShirreffCO15.5911
11.Veronique LanaisseQC18.01610
12.Josiane BoutinQC18.0416
13.Tammy YikNB18.51113
14.Stefanie PartridgeEO21.01215
15.Krista PettyCO21.51912
16.Trina LambeCO22.01017
17.Heather GeboersEO23.01814
18.Nancy LanceEO25.51319
19.Amelie SabatierQC26.01618
20.Renee RichardEO30.02020

Senior Pairs
SP - Short Program
FP - Free Program

1. Anabelle Langlois & Patrice ArchettoQC2.531
2. Michelle Bylow & Michael PollardCO2.512
3. Anne Powers & Jamie CampbellEO5.043
4. Jamie O'Reilly & David MoellenkampCO7.064
5. Jacinthe Lariviere & Lenny FaustinoCO7.026
6. Jessica Sawkins & Chad HawseNB7.555

* All six teams qualify for the Canadian Championships.