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Previous Quizlet Results:

How much do you follow synchornized (formerly precision) skating?
(59 respondents)

36% - A little
32% - Not at all
10% - It's my life
8% - A lot
7% - Somewhat
7% - What's synchro?

This Month's Events
May 2000

May 2 - Stars On Ice - Vancouver
May 7 - Happy Birthday Jean-Sebastien Fecteau!
May 8 - Happy Birthday Simon Cantin!
May 9 - Happy Birthday Sebastien Dufour!
May 10 - Happy Birthday Marc-Olivier Bosse!
May 16 - Happy Birthday Carl Des Rosiers!
May 17 - Happy Birthday Sebastien Britten!
May 20 - Happy Birthday Pascal Denis!
May 23 - Happy Birthday Danny Moir!
May 24 - Happy Birthday Josee-Lise Courchesne!
May 24-28 - 2000 CFSA ACGM

Junior Grand Prix Event
Senior Grand Prix Event
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