Bank of Montreal Divisional Championships

Central Championships
When: December 9-12, 1999
Where: Windsor, Ontario
Arenas: South Windsor Complex, Adie Knox Arena

Regions: Manitoba, Northern Ontario, Western Ontario

Senior Results

Please note that all results shown here are UNOFFICIAL but are accurate to the best of my abilities.

Senior Men
SP - Short Program
FP - Free Program

1. Ben FerreiraAB1.511
2. Blair SmithWO3.022
3. Jeff ButtleNO5.043
4. Ravi WaliaAB5.534
5. Jason SmithMB7.555
6. Neal CountrymanBC11.0106
7. Kevin WinterWO11.068
8. Ryan ShollertBC13.0127
9. Mark VanderkerhoveBC13.089
10.Cory KrentzAB14.5910
11.Lee BakkerAB14.5711
12.Brad DalzielAB17.51112
R. Ross LanselBC