Bank of Montreal Divisional Championships

Atlantic Championships
When: December 8-11, 1999
Where: Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
Arenas: Charlottetown Civic Centre, Sherwood Sportsplex

Regions: New Brunswick, Newfoundland & Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Quebec*
* Quebec also sends skaters to the Eastern Championships.

Pre-Novice Results

Please note that all results shown here are UNOFFICIAL but are accurate to the best of my abilities.

Pre-Novice Men
SP - Short Program
FP - Free Program

1. David ShepherdQC2.512
2. Philippe JullianQC3.041
3. Sergio ViglioneQC7.026
4. Samuel TetraultQC7.593
5. Andrew MacDonaldNS7.555
6. Lars AndersonNS8.084
7. Frederic AllainNB10.577
8. Shawn FequetNS10.539
9. Dale HarrisonNB13.0108
10.Corey SutherlandNF13.0610

Pre-Novice Ladies
SP - Short Program
FP - Free Program

1. Stephanie TremblayQC1.511
2. Emmanuelle CampolietiQC3.022
3. Kristine GardnerNB5.534
4. Dominique Ouellet-GagnonQC6.573
5. Britanny CollinsNB8.065
6. Catherine DionQC8.556
7. Erika WallerNS12.5117
8. Jennie Caitlin CookNS13.089
9. Erin WilsonNS13.5137
10.Catherine BoutetNB16.01210
11.Aimee CollierNF16.01011
12.Meghan FlemingNF16.0414
13.Glenda McInnisNS16.5912
14.Malinda IrvingNS20.51513
15.Krista GreeneNF23.01615
16.Ricki Lee GalantPE23.01416

Pre-Novice Pairs
SP - Short Program
FP - Free Program

1. Lindsay Carruthers and John Gordon MattatallNS1.511
2. Aimee Collier and Matthew LawlorNF3.022
3. Kim Lussier-Nivischiuk and Sergio ViglioneQC4.533

Pre-Novice Dance
CD1 -
CD2 -
RD - Rhythm Dance

1. Shannon Morrison & Adam MorrisonNF3.0112
2. Jennyfer Montbleau & William KrempaQC3.5231
3. Christine Fournaise & Marc-Andre IsabelleQC5.5323
4. Laura Farrell & Adam PikeNF8.0444
5. Julie Poitras & Yannick Auger-PerrasQC10.0555